Covid Guidance, at March 2022

Forever Active continually reviews its operations, especially in these fast-moving times. We try to take into account many voices:

  • The halls in which we operate.
  • The views we receive from members.
  • The views we understand from instructors.
  • What is published by the Government by way of guidance.
  • Views obtained both formally and informally from Public Health Cambridgeshire.

We never manage to keep everybody happy! We try and reflect as best we can what we believe is in the best interests of the members.

1. If individual halls where we hold classes have guidance, we expect our classes held on those premises to fall in line with that guidance.

In General Terms

2. We encourage our classes to operate with as much fresh air as is practical and comfortable.

3. We leave the question of wearing masks to individuals as long as there is no over-ruling guidance from the individual hall.

4. We ask members to be considerate of each other’s health needs.

5. Numbers attending classes are only restricted by Health & Safety concerns and by guidance from the individual hall which might restrict the numbers of people in occupancy at any one time.

To Instructors

As ever, please do your best to help our members stay well and fit. Abide by any terms imposed by the individual hall regarding hand sanitisation, mask-wearing, occupancy etc.

To Members

Please keep yourselves as fit and as able as possible as we emerge from the Covid pandemic and learn to live with Covid as an unwelcome but unavoidable part of everyday living.

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