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In a face-to-face or ‘live’ online class, the instructor can see those taking part and give advice or warnings as required. That is, of course, not possible with a recorded class.

The exercises are suitable for your age group, but everyone is different, and you must decide which exercises or options are right for you. Rather than the instructors in the videos, you have the responsibility for your practice.

You mustn’t perform exercises that you find painful or require you to move a limb outside your normal range of movement. If you do, for example, fall or hurt yourself, please seek medical advice as soon as possible. However, we hope the exercises will be really beneficial.

The full set of sessions is available for members to purchase on Clubz. Please contact if you wish to do so.


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If you would like to join any of our classes in the communiuty such as the ones below, check out our class timetable for venues and dates


Join Becky, Lisa and Simon for a Strength, Endurance & Balance session at home. This is the first of six classes suitable both for beginners and the more experienced. You can do these exercise sessions either standing or seated.

Just click on the image above to start the video.

Exercise to Music

 Join Carrie for an Exercise to Music class with an easy to follow, low-impact routine, followed by some strength and balance exercises. (Equipment Needed: Exercise mat, 2 small hand weights or tins of beans if you don’t have weights).

Click on the image above to start the video 

Follow along at home to this Forever Active Pre-Ffit class delivered by Marlene.

Pre-Ffit stands for Preparation for Functional Fitness and is part of a programme of Falls Management classes.

Equipment Needed: To take part in this class, you will need a chair close by and space around it, ankle weights (optional) and a resistance band if you have one.

Click on the video above to start this class

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