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Indoor classes

Beginners Yoga

This class, with a step‐by‐step introduction, is perfect for complete beginners or for anyone looking to renew their practice. We will take the approach of developing strength,  flexibility, good breathing habits, relaxation & concentration.
Learn how to come in and out of the postures in a safe and methodical way and how to maximize the benefit of the postures.


Exercise to music

Exercise to music is an aerobic routine to improve stamina and work the cardiovascular system, followed by arm and floor exercises (standing alternatives given if needed), to improve bone and muscle strength in the upper and lower limbs. A thorough stretch session completes this dynamic and fun class.

Equipment required: resistance band & mat.


A balanced mental and physical training programme that combines controlled and precise flowing movements with breathing. Also improving concentration, core stability, posture, flexibility and muscle toning. Some prior experience of Pilates is required for this class. 



If you do not feel ready for a Re-Ffit class, we will also be developing classes called Pre-Ffit. These classes are suited to you if you have started to feel less steady on your feet or are worried about falling and are struggling with your balance. Perhaps you are relying on support or walking aids more than you used to or avoiding going to places because you are becoming less confident.
The class includes standing strengthening exercises, with seated options, balance exercises, with support options, and exercises which develop skills for increased confidence and ability to do more challenging activities, such as getting up from the floor.

The aim of this class is to help you to progress to a Re-Ffit class.
Perhaps you are more familiar with our Strength & Balance classes? We are pleased to promote a new class opening in the Newnham area later this month. These classes aim to support you if you have had a fall, are very concerned about falling, or have noticed you are avoiding doing everyday activities or relying on help because you are worried about losing your balance.

The class includes seated strengthening and supported-standing balance exercises with alternatives for people with reduced mobility. We currently have Strength & Balance classes available in 10 locations. Please visit our website for an up-to-date class list.
This is an ideal class if you are looking to maintain independence or as a starting point to progress to something more challenging.
The aim of this class is to help you to progress to a Re-Ffit Class


Rebecca at Re-FfitHelp build strength, stamina and suppleness with Re-Ffit

These classes will help you build your strength, stamina, and suppleness to be able to continue to do the things you love.

The class includes exercises to strengthen muscles and bones; coordination activities to improve balance and confidence; endurance for increased stamina; and flexibility for suppleness.

Re-Ffit classes are a bit different, they are all about individualised exercises, a bit like personal training, but in a group-based setting. You will be asked to do a short assessment, which gives both you and your instructor a starting point for a personal exercise plan and individualised tailoring within the class.

Strength & Balance

These classes are chair based and designed to improve your strength & balance. They are a great way of starting to get back to feeling confident and reducing your risk to falling.

T'ai Chi

A moderate-paced T’ai Chi and martial arts-based exercise class. It involves a warm up, posture, movement and balance exercises, basic punch and kick combinations, faster movements, followed by gentle health exercises and stretching. The focus of the class is to help improve co-ordination, balance, gently strengthen the body and to improve feelings of self-confidence and relaxation.



Outdoor classes

Outdoor Fitness

Strength & BalanceOutdoor Fitness sessions are fun and interactive, focussing on whole body strength training, posture correction, balance and stability that will help to get you fit for life’s everyday movements.


Many thanks for running online classes this past year.  I’ve been doing yoga with Sabrina and Pilates with Ines, and it’s been wonderful.
Best wishes,

Yoga & Pilates

Online classes

Online Strength & Balance

Standing strength and balance work with some seated strength work. The exercises included in these online classes have proven to help reduce the risk of falls and increase confidence.


On demand S&B

Exercise when convenient to you at any time with these on demand S&B classes.

Standing strength and balance work with some seated strength work. The exercises included in these online classes have proven to help reduce the risk of falls and increase confidence.

These classes are on demand and can be purchased and accessed via ClubZ.

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