Health and safety policy

(Last reviewed 4th July 2022)

Risk Assessments

  • It is the responsibility of the instructor to complete a risk assessment for the venue and the activity taking place. A full risk assessment should be completed annually and each time a class meets the instructor should check that nothing has changed. Risk assessment forms for each venue can be downloaded from the instructor resource area on the Forever Active website. The instructor must do a risk assessment for each room/area being used for classes/sports sessions.

Health and Safety Check

Instructors must ensure that:

  • They have seen a copy of the venue risk assessment completed by Forever Active (available in the instructor resource area).
  • The proposed venue, activity and equipment is assessed prior to the start of each session to ensure that the area is safe for the exercise or sports session.
  •  It is the instructor’s responsibility to know the emergency procedures at the venue.
  • That they have read the Health Questionnaire for each participant and have responded appropriately to any issues.
  • Any issues must be addressed, recorded and reported to Jane Jones and those responsible for the venue.


  • Instructors are responsible for all equipment used at each session.
  • Any equipment used in a class is the responsibility of the instructor to risk assess.
  • Equipment must be of a suitable weight/resistance for the participants in the group.
  • Damaged equipment must not be used and replaced as soon as possible by the provider (instructor/Forever Active/facility owner/class participant)
  • It should be strongly encouraged that participants purchase their own resistance band for hygiene reasons. Forever Active has these items available on the website.

Staff Ratio

  • Instructors who feel that there are too many participants in a class, should contact Jane Jones. Forever Active will consider the best course of action; this may be by arranging an additional session.
  • If too many participants come along to a session one week and the instructor feels that the number in the class would be detrimental to the health and safety of participants, spaces in the class must be allocated on a first come first-served basis.
  • To comply with health and safety procedures, classes must not take place with just one participant.

First Aid

In the event of a First Aid incident/accident, the first aider at the centre/hall should be called to help deal with the situation immediately. It is recommended that Forever Active instructors are first aid qualified. Instructors must be familiar with the location of first aid boxes and telephone access at all venues and provide Forever Active with a completed accident/incident form as soon as possible. In the event of a major accident or incident please contact Jane Jones immediately.


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