Complaints Policy for Forever Active Instructors and Appointees

(Last reviewed 8 July 2021)

If you have a grievance or complaint concerning your work with Forever Active, let the appropriate officer know the nature of the issue promptly. An attempt will be made to resolve any issues informally in the first instance.

If that proves unsatisfactory (or you are the relevant officer) please write, giving all necessary details, to the director/trustee designated as responsible for legal and regulatory matters, at PO Box 974, Cambridge, CB24 9XG.  They will look into the issues and try to give a response within 14 days. If that timescale proves impossible, you will be informed and a response given as soon as possible. If you are not satisfied with the response and wish to take the matter further (or if that director/trustee so decides), the matter will be referred to the Chair of the Forever Active Board.

The Chair will arrange a formal meeting as quickly as possible to hear your complaint or grievance. That meeting will carry out any further investigations needed to establish the facts of the case. You can be accompanied at such a meeting.  Its decision is final.

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