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Forever Active Forum Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. It remains a voluntary, not for profit organisation.

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Mission Statement

Forever Active Forum Ltd is a charity based, community led organisation that has a primary mission to increase the number of over 50’s participating in safe and effective exercise and activity sessions. In addition support is provided to some younger people needing to return to a more active lifestyle.

There is proven correlation between evidence based exercise and improved quality of life with a resulting reduction in susceptibility to health problems in later years. It is this simple correlation that provides the drive to help ensure as many people as possible have access to high quality, recreational exercise regardless of economic circumstance, level of ability, or indeed any factor that may be a barrier to participation.

Forever Active works to help develop its instructors in order to provide the best possible standards of support for achieving its mission with special emphasis on working with an aging population as well as providing training for any additional specialist skills should they be needed.

Forever Active partners with other organisations that can assist in Forever Active achieving its mission including, but not exclusively, local government and the Health service.


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