About Us

Forever Active is a registered charity.

Board of Directors/Trustees

Forever Active Forum Ltd (Charity number: 1159692, Company No 08077735) is governed by its Board of Directors/Trustees, all of whom are volunteers. The Board has quarterly meetings; a small management group meets in the intervening months, while marketing and publicity groups meet on an ad hoc basis.

We are always pleased to hear from anyone with an hour or two to spare to help with distributing leaflets, brochures, etc: see under Volunteers on Meet the Team page.

Active 50+


The group has meetings twice a year, which all Forever Active participants are invited to attend. The Forum meetings are a great opportunity to give your feedback about the classes you attend, to hear the latest updates about new classes starting, events coming up, and the development of the organisation.

Please find below the minutes from the last AGM meetings:

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