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With pub gardens, shops and hairdressers opening this week, we are starting to feel confident about the Government's road map out of lockdown. With just one month until our indoor classes can re-open, it is full-on for the Forever Active team.

We are working hard behind the scenes to get everything ready and will contact you as soon as we have full details confirmed about your class/es.

Outdoor classes

In the meantime, don’t forget to try out our popular Outdoor Strength & Balance classes at Trumpington and Walking Netball at Histon or Milton.

  • Outdoor Strength & Balance – Trumpington on Wednesdays, 10.00-11.00 am or 11.15-12.15pm
  • Walking Netball – Histon on Mondays, 10.30-11.30am
  • Walking Netball – Milton on Mondays, 12.15-1.15pm
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Have you heard of Pickleball?

This sport can be played outside and is a combination of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. It is played with a wooden paddle and a perforated polymer ball. Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in America, and Cambridge City Council is starting to mark up courts throughout the City area.

Forever Active is keen to hear from anyone who wants to take part in a short series of taster sessions throughout the Summer.

If you fancy giving Pickleball a go, learning a new fun skill, exercising in the fresh air, and meeting new people, email

Get ready to return to exercise

exercise over '50s
We know you are all keen to get going and return to the classes you love and have missed over the last months. However, it is important to recognise that it’s been a year since you have done any properly structured exercise.

You may not be as fit as you were and have found that your usual activity levels have reduced. Or you’ve had to change the type of exercise you do through home workouts or online classes.
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Relaunch of online T'ai Chi Fitness

This class is being re-launched at an earlier time and at a moderate pace to provide a regular session suitable for beginners. Faradena will lead this new weekly T'ai Chi and martial arts-based exercise class.

The class will include a warm-up, posture, movement, and balance exercises, followed by gentle health exercises and stretches. The focus of this class is to help improve coordination, balance, gently strengthen the body and improve feelings of self-confidence and relaxation.

Tuesdays 9.00-10.00 am

If you would like to participate or need more information about this or any other online classes, send us an email at


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