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Full classes are more fun for everyone. Please help by attending regularly and encouraging others to do so as well. We have always tried to manage classes so that when someone “joins” a class there is a reserved place for them. However, we do have long waiting lists for some classes where there is low attendance.

As we emerge from the worst of the pandemic, we understand that some members are only slowly becoming sufficiently confident to start attending classes regularly.
We, like many charities, are facing problems as a result of the pandemic. Our reserves are severely depleted, and any low-class attendance potentially puts at risk the financial viability of the class. We are able to offer low-cost classes mainly as a result of grants. To secure those grants, we need classes to be well attended.

So over the next few weeks, we will have to look closely at low attendance classes, especially where we have a waiting list. We expect to contact existing class members with sporadic attendance in order to discuss options. Do not be alarmed – if you are a regular attendee, your place will be reserved – but we do need to establish if we can raise attendance levels to help preserve the charity’s already limited funds.
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If there is no waiting list and you attend a low attendance class, please talk to your friends and encourage them to give Forever Active a try. It helps preserve your class and, more importantly, maybe a really positive way to help a friend. Other ways you could help promote your class, could be to share on a local Facebook page, help to put posters up in your local area, or even write a small editorial piece for a local newsletter or village/ward/district magazine.
If you need content material to help you, just contact

David Watkinson
Chair Forever Active

Class News

Walking Netball
On Saturday 19th March, the Forever Active Monday Walking Netball group took part in a regional Walking Netball Festival. The event took place at the Cambridge University Sports Centre and was organised by England Netball. Six teams from across the region took part and everyone who entered fed back to say how much fun they had had and how much they enjoyed playing against other teams.
FA netball
Spaces are still available at Walking Netball sessions on a Thursday at 10 am at the Histon recreation ground if you would like to come along for a free taster session.

A new walking netball session is planned for Haddenham in East Cambridgeshire. Please get in contact if you would like to receive further information.
Functional Fitness Outdoor Sessions
With spring in the air, there is never a better time to get outside to exercise and try something new. Following the success of our Trumpington Functional Fitness sessions, we are pleased to promote a new session starting after Easter in the Abbey area (just behind the swimming pool) with Rebecca Parker.

Functional Fitness helps to strengthen muscles, improve balance, endurance and flexibility to help you become more functional in daily life (carrying heavy objects or putting something up on a shelf or getting up off the floor are just some examples). If you would like to receive further details about this session, venue address, day, time and start date, please email

push ups-3
Unexpected class cancellations
Whilst we are doing everything we can to re-open and run classes, Covid is still having an impact and classes may have to close with very little notice.

We would recommend that you log in to your emails on the morning of your class to double-check. If we do need to cancel a class, an email will be sent via Forever Active Clubz. Where possible and if it is very late notice, we will also try to arrange for your instructor or a member of the Forever Active Team to give you a call.

What’s good for the body is good for the brain

One of the reasons I joined the board of trustees for Forever Active is to support the important links between exercise and brain health. There isn't an effective cure or treatment for Alzheimer's or other dementia yet, but we are learning how to reduce our risk of developing cognitive impairment. There is strong evidence that exercise and physical activity improves our brain health. In fact, exercise is at the top of the list of ways to reduce our risk of dementia.

Recent evidence comes from a large study of adults with an average age of 61 who were followed for nine years. A longer study like this is really valuable because we can see how the brain and body respond to physical activity over time which is helpful when we're looking at how to age well. One of the exciting things researchers are finding is that we all benefit from exercise. It doesn't matter if we're the least fit or the most fit.

This information is good news for all of us and is best shared so everyone can benefit. If you or someone you know is returning to exercise after a break or looking to build on your current activity, reach out to us at for guidance on classes. We're happy to help.

Edye Hoffmann
Trustee & director


club z
We are pleased to see so many members managing to log in to to access online classes as well as
keeping their health questionnaires and memberships up to date. Please
remember to use the specific Forever Active website address as above
rather than the general website. You might want to bookmark
our link to avoid confusion.

If you would like any help getting set up on Forever Active Clubz,
please email


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