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Some of you may have noticed that some longstanding Trustees have resigned. Forever Active will be sorely missing their collective experience and wisdom. However, new Trustees have volunteered to serve the charity and are busy gaining knowledge and understanding of what we do.

Hopefully, the changes at our AGM before Christmas have gone unnoticed for many of you. We are all too busy just trying to get our lives back from the impact of Covid. However, your Trustees have not been inactive – many changes have been taking place, and many more are to come.
Over the rest of this year, I will use this space in each Newsletter to highlight significant changes and focus your attention on what we perceive to be prominent issues.

When I look at the average age of our members, I urge you to look at the NHS guidelines. None of us is doing enough exercise if I am anything to go by. Too often, I think – well, I attend a class and do a bit of walking – that’s enough. But, according to the NHS guidelines, most of us should be doing more.

David Watkinson
Chair Forever Active

Choose your location and time to exercise

In a face-to-face or ‘live’ online class, the instructor can see those taking part and give advice or warnings as required. That is, of course, not possible with a recorded class, of which you will find two examples below. However, these have the advantage that you can do these at any time and at the privacy of your own home.

Exercise to Music

Do you like music? And do you like Exercise? But not sure if you want to join an 'Exercise to Music' (ETM) class? Why not try out Carrie's 'ETM' class in the privacy of your own home?

Click here to join the class via youtube.


Strength & Balance

Alternatively, check out this taster session if you are more into Strength & Balance.

The exercises in these videos are suitable for your age group, but everyone is different, and you must decide which exercises or options are right for you. Rather than the instructors in the videos, you have the responsibility for your practice.

You mustn’t perform exercises that you find painful or require you to move a limb outside your normal range of movement. If you do, for example, fall or hurt yourself, please seek medical advice as soon as possible. However, we hope the exercises will be really beneficial.

Furthermore, Strength & Balance is re-opening at the Chesterton Methodist Church on 1st March. If you use to attend this class or are interested to receive further details, please email enquiries@forever-active.org.uk.

Other classes

We have also added a Yoga class in Sutton, Mondays from 14.00 till 15.00.

And we also have Zumba gold, walking netball, t'ai chi, tennis, pickleball, pilates and badminton on offer. Check our class timetable for time and venue.

If you have any questions, mail us at enquiries@forever-active.org.uk.

Do more, get up from your chair!

Get up from your chair
How much activity is enough?

With spring on the way (and hopefully in your step), it seems a good opportunity to review the physical activity recommendations for older people (over 65). This may help you decide what actions you would like to take to remain fit and healthy or perhaps regain some fitness you have lost over the last few months.

Read more

Silver membership

From the 1st March, we will be introducing a Silver Membership, as a pilot, for people who would like to exercise more.

This is a great opportunity to attend 3 - 4 classes per week for only £50 a month.

At the moment, as this is a pilot, this will only be accessible for members who pay via Clubz. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate cash payers yet.

Please contact enquiries@forever-active.org.uk if you would like to know more or sign up.
silver award


club z
We are pleased to see so many members managing to log in to
https://foreveractive.clubz.co.uk to access online classes as well as
keeping their health questionnaires and memberships up to date. Please
remember to use the specific Forever Active website address as above
rather than the general clubz.co.uk website. You might want to bookmark
our link to avoid confusion.

If you would like any help getting set up on Forever Active Clubz,
please email enquiries@forever-active.org.uk.


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