Meet The Team

Forever Active is run by a small and dedicated team, many of whom are volunteers.

Penny Granger

Photo of Penny Granger

Penny is Chair of Forever Active and has overseen its conversion into a charitable company. Norwich born, she can still do a good Norfolk accent: but after 50 years in Cambridge has deep roots here. They extend even to the Mill Road Cemetery, where she chairs the committee representing the parishes it serves.

In her spare time Penny enjoys motor-homing, walking coastal paths, sings in various choirs and plays the viola in chamber music groups. Penny has also written on drama in the middle ages, which sounds vaguely relevant to Forever Active.

David Watkinson

Photo of David Watkinson

David is a Trustee of the charity and a Director of Forever Active. In early 2014 Penny Granger asked David to spend some time looking at the organisation of Forever Active for a period of just one year. Three years later Penny has yet to sign the release papers!

David has had a lifetime of work in healthcare, information technology and management consultancy and since his ‘retirement’ has volunteered that experience to help Forever Active develop. In addition to his work based experience David is a keen tennis player and amateur musician – he is Chairman of a charity that runs the City of Cambridge Symphony Orchestra and a regular player in their concerts. David is married, lives in South Cambridgeshire and sometimes finds time to be with his four grandchildren and family in Leeds and London.

David McClean 

Photo of David McClean Mk2

David is a lawyer who spent his working life teaching law in the University of Sheffield. He specialises in aviation and ecclesiastical law (‘heavenly subjects’ he says). David first became involved with Forever Active when he helped to draft new Articles of Association when we were in the process of becoming a charity. He came to the AGM in 2013, and was eventually persuaded to join the Board of Directors/Trustees in 2015. David’s main role in Forever Active is, unsurprisingly, to oversee regulatory matters.

Off duty, David enjoys foreign travel, reading detective fiction, crosswords and sudoku.


More details to come for the rest of the team.

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